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I love her and have since the very first time, years ago,(8?) that I heard her beautiful voice over the telephone and began working with her. She, not only is gifted by God and has a deep and profound gift, but, is a truly compassionate and spiritual angel who looks upon all her clients as "her children". She and her guides have helped lead me through many aspects of my life with such intelligence (and by the way, the insights too many, too surprising, and too revelatory to mention!) I have and will continue to trust her completely. I adore her.

C.F. New York, NY

I happen to be doing a celebrity's hair for an event while she was having a reading. To my surprise my client said that Usha would like to speak to me. She had picked up on my energy and what was going on in my life at the time. I have to say that I was shocked at her description of me. I was truly amazed. What she had to say was so right on! That was 8 years ago. I now use Usha on a regular basis. She is my therapist, business advisor and confidant. She is real and helps you find solutions to everyday problems that you may be having. She helps you let go of past hurts and/ or events you have been holding onto that may be keeping you from receiving gods blessings. I am so grateful that I have a regular, ongoing appointment and a wonderful relationship with her. I feel blessed that she is in my life.

Denise Rossouw, Valley Village, CA

I have been speaking with Usha since 1995 and have been amazed with her predictions time and time again. She is an honest lady and has always been very straight forward with me. I have been taking notes of all our conversations and they have become a resourceful journal for me as I check against my notes very often and each time I notice something she had told me a long time ago, how it has come to pass, I am blown away. I cherish our relationship and respect her integrity.

C.L., Los Angeles, CA

At first, I wasn't sure if whatever she told me would be true but when the events actually happened, as she had predicted, she was spot on. WOW! Is all I have to say. She is very gifted.

Aly T., San Francisco, CA

She told me that I was going to be moving South and being a businessman. I totally didn't believe her. I loved my job in San Jose, California. Two years later, I am now living in Texas and own my supply business. I still get goose bumps when I think of it all. How did she know? She is a true psychic.

L. Chan. Houston, TX

I was trying to get into Grad school and didn't know how to even begin and Usha helped me through by making me stay focused on my goals and helped me find how I studied best. Many times I kept giving up on my hope for success in my studies but she kept me together through it all. Through all the cheating boyfriends, money troubles and family complications, she kept me sane. She is phenomenal.

Dianne W., San Rafael, CA

Usha told me many years ago that she saw me as a successful artist. I didn't believe her then. Lo and behold, I am now an artist who isn't struggling. What can I say… she truly knows what she is talking about. Thank you, Usha for sharing your visions with me.

Andy, Seattle, WA

Whenever my Rheumatoid Arthritis flares up and I can't get out of bed, I usually call Usha and she sends healing energy out to me. She calls it Tantra, or Reiki, I call it Heaven sent. I have been blessed in my life to have met her. She is a remarkable healer.

Mary T., Spokane, WA

I have been an actor for thirty years and Miss Usha, my darling Psychic, has been very correct in her predictions for which parts I would get hired for in the movies and which ones would not work out. I always like to think that she may be wrong sometimes, but darn it, she has been right, time after time. The details she gives me about which auditions I will be getting called for always floor me. She's the real deal folks.

K. C., W. Hollywood, CA

Usha has always been extremely helpful in accurately predicting which stocks I should invest in. Thanks to her, my portfolio has grown substantially.

Lloyd W., NY,NY

She blew my mind away when she asked me why had I not moved on since my last relationship in 2002 with J ! I remember asking her how she knew that and she replied laughing away, who I had called, maybe a psychic? That had been our first meeting over the phone, six years ago. Right away, I knew I had made a great connection. She has such a great sense of humor! I have used her psychic and clairvoyant services on a regular basis since our first conversation in February, 2003. She is an amazingly accurate psychic. No frills, no fluff, just straight to the point. I feel she is my one true honest friend who will always watch my back.

Tracy L. Sacramento, CA

I had been so depressed after I got laid off and then on a whim decided to call Usha. Her phone number had been given to me by an acquaintance a long time ago and I had saved it. I'd been putting off calling her and now I wish I had called her several years ago! I could have made different decisions about my life. She is so wise. She gave me a perspective on who I am and my strengths. I followed her advice and boy, am I happier. I don't think I've ever been so satisfied with my work as I am now. I am forever grateful to you, Usha. May God bless you and your family.

Joy C. Illinois

Each time I need to make a major decision, I pick up the phone and call Usha. I can always rely on her non-judgmental and objective psychic advice. She has been a very vital part of my life and I absolutely believe that my life would not have been so fabulous right now had I not followed her psychic advice.

R.D., Santa Monica, CA

I am forever grateful to Usha for insisting that I go see a specialist even as my doctor didn't think there was anything to worry about. I was diagnosed correctly with stage 2 cancer and began my treatments. I truly believe I wouldn't be alive if I hadn't listened to her and my little boy would have grown up without his mom. God has placed angels in this world and one of them is Usha.

C. M., Danville, CA

Usha is so right on. She describes people, gives names, describes events, places and dates in her readings. I have been to many psychics and paid a lot of money for readings and none of them have given me such correct details as Usha has. She always gives me very detailed information and still charges very reasonably.

M. T., Berkeley, CA

I met her briefly at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, California in 2002 and felt a very strong urge to contact her later and get a psychic reading. She didn't ask for my birth date or my horoscope sign. She described my wife, my three children, my brothers and my pets, a parrot and a cat. I was in utter shock. There was no way she could have known all that about me. I have been helped tremendously by her clairvoyance gift and remain in gratitude.

J. G., Boston, MA