Find Your Inner Peace

More Money = More peace

Dreams Come True = More peace

Life full of Comforts, Luxuries = More Peace

If you believe in any of the equation, think again.

The universal fact is that inner peace is not dependent on outer circumstances or any materialistic things. Inner peace comes from within an individual.

Often when we achieve something or finish some assigned task successfully, we experience a brief moment of happiness and peace. But soon we forget this and move on to the next task. This kind of sense of inner peace is short lived, and is unstable. At that moment our mind is relieved, though temporarily, from the constant thinking and planning. So we experience inner peace and happiness.

Inner peace is the result of a calm mind, so if we are able to train our mind, we would experience inner peace and happiness always, irrespective of external situations.

Like Buddha said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

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Celebrate Life by Making Others Happy

Who wouldn’t want to make his day a happy one? Some do it by relaxing, some by shopping, and many by doing the thing they like doing.

There is one more way to do it, and that is by making other person’s day beautiful. Yes one should celebrate the other persons around us. The easiest way to do so is by choosing some near and dear one and sending him good energy.  When we make efforts to elevate other people, we ourselves get elevated through a boomerang effect – which means same goodwill and energy that we pass to others swings back to our own life.

Here I will share with you three easy ways to elevate others and ourselves:

Prayer: When you believe in the power of prayer, they become more powerful. It is the purest and easiest form in which you can change your life or can help someone else change theirs; so just pray for the person you want to elevate. Just pray that any help, energy, and motivation, that the person needs be sent to them.

Power of Positive Thoughts: Yes, just by thinking about the person you can elevate them. This happens when you create an affirmation about the particular individual that you’re celebrating. For example, “I wish Susan happiness and prosperity for her new home”. You repeat the same thought silently throughout the day. Every time you say this with true belief, the positive energy of the statement goes out to Susan’s energy and soul, as a beautiful gift from you.

Positive Visions: If you are a very visual person, this is one of the most effective and positive means to enhance and uplift another person. What you do is envision that person to succeed in an area where they are striving for success. At regular times, during the day you need to take a break and pause for a moment. In that moment you create an image of your positive thoughts and create and hold a vision of the person who is to be uplifted. The vision should be of the person’s success or the healing process or the clarity they want in life.  This will work as a prayer and a positive energy as the thought would be transmitted to the other person body and soul. The other person would be energized by your positive thinking.

So, who is the first person that comes to your mind?  This is the person in your life who needs to be elevated.